The TREDI2015 will take place in the FBK research center located in the suburban hills of Povo, few minutes from the Trento’s city center.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)
Center for Scientific and Technological Research
Via Sommarive, 18
I-38123 Trento, Italy
tel. (+39) 0461 314 444



Bus n. 5 and 5/ (the latter runs several times early in the morning and stops in front of FBK). This is the quickest route up the hill from the city center. 

The trip takes about 15 minutes and leaves from Piazza Dante in front of the train station. Get off at the Povo-IRST or Povo-Fac. Scienze stops. 

Bus n. 13. Getting to FBK Science and Technology Hub from the city center takes much more time on this bus, but it might be useful if you are in the southern area of the city. Get off at the Povo–Piazza Manci stop and walk down the hill to get to FBK.
Bus schedules are displayed at every stop or on the Trentino Trasporti web site ( -Italian only) . 

Tickets (1.20 EUR) can be purchased at news stands and must be validated on board.

Find one just outside the train station or book one to pick you up at your hotel  (Tel. +39.0461.235383 or call Radio Taxi at  +39 0461 930002). 
The cost is 10 to 15 euros from downtown Trento to Povo.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Trento- Italy